Early Learning Reading Program
(Preschool – Kindergarden-1st Grade)

If you want to give your child the best start to reading, this is the place to come! We can teach beginners starting at age four, or as soon as they show interest in the alphabet. They learn the correct way to approach reading from the very beginning, so they will likely never struggle with written material in school.

The goal of many first-grade reading courses is for students to read from 200 to 600 words. In our very first lesson, every student, including those with learning disabilities, will read at least 300 words and be empowered to read thousands more. This is a fantastic breakthrough in reading instruction.

Academic Associates Reading Program
(Grades 2 through 12)

Whether your student is a little or a lot behind in reading, our Reading Instruction Specialists can help make up the difference. Most of our students reach grade level or beyond by the time they complete the program. It usually takes between 30-60 hours, and when they’re all done, they are almost always 2-4 years ahead of where they began! And although the majority of poor readers are boys, with this method, boys do just as well as girls!
The course; however, is not just for students who are experiencing difficulty. Those who already excel will receive a welcome boost toward even greater success. Many of these students gain several additional grade levels.

English Language Arts  –  ELA
(Grades 3 through 8)

As you know, New York State Dept of Education requires every student in grades 3 through 8 to take an English Language Arts Assessment.  Academic Associates Reading Center offers an excellent English Language Arts course for all grades.  If your child is experiencing difficulty with English Language Arts, or you just want to make sure your child does well on these assessments, give us a call today, we can help.

Adult Reading Program –  GED/TASC Preparation  

Children aren’t the only ones who struggle with reading. It’s no secret that our nation has one of the lowest literacy rates in the developed world. Adult illiteracy affects more people than you might think–some studies suggest that roughly 50% of American adults don’t read past the 8th grade level. That means they struggle to interpret road signs, follow directions on prescription medication, and read their mail.

Many illiterate or partially-illiterate adults suffer in silence; it is simply too embarrassing for them to ask for help. We understand these challenges and are happy to arrange for private, confidential lessons. Over the years, our teachers have assisted many adults in becoming more confident readers.  Let’s face it, in our high-tech society, proficiency in reading is vital if one is to compete favorably in today’s job market.  Our GED/TASC Preparation classes can help you get your GED/TASC Diploma.

ESL / ELL Program

Reading and speaking English are skills that are required by everyone in America if he or she wants to be successful. When you learn to speak and understand English well, you will notice that more and more doors open up to you.   In our high-tech society, proficiency in reading is a must to compete favorably in today’s job market.

The ESL (English as a Second Language) program at Academic Associates Reading Center of New York offers non-native speakers of English the opportunity to improve their language skills. ESL students enjoy small class sizes and a personalized approach to learning.  Our program will allow you to learn all 44 sounds of the English language and increase your ability to decode word, comprehension and fluency.

If you need more information about any of our programs please give us a call today!!!


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