Below is a list of actual students who have completed the Academic Associates Reading Program™

“Our 18-year-old son couldn’t read well. During the Academic Associates course, he went from ninth-grade reading level to college level…now makes all A’s and B’s in college.” —L.R.

“My fifth-grade daughter is delighted with her newfound ability to read. She struggled with reading for years. The Academic Associates course was the answer for her. I highly recommend it.” —G.P.

“Charlie and Shelby are just five years old, but they have each read over 100 books. Thank you, Academic Associates.” —S.S. and A.L.

Eighteen seventh- and eighth-graders in Auburn, California, gained an average of 3.6 years on a standardized reading test after only 36 hours in the Academic Associates Reading Course.

“My nine-year-old was reading at first-grade level. Three months into Academic Associates, he is reading on sixth-grade level, and reading books on his own. It’s the best investment we ever made. We had spent thousands of dollars trying to teach him to read, and nothing worked until now.” —T.A.

“Victoria failed first grade, but by September of that year she was the top second-grade reader at the same school. Every child deserves this kind of advantage.” —H.P.

“I’m in sixth grade. I used to be the worst reader in my class. Not long after I started to go to Academic Associates I found that I could read whatever I could get my hands on. After just a few weeks I caught up to the rest of the class. Now I am the best reader in the class. I was also the worst speller in my class. Now I am one of the best. If they can do that for me, they can do it for you.” –S.J.

“As the president of our county Dyslexia Society, I had my dyslexic daughter tutored in the most prestigious, highly recommended reading methodologies available. But after spending thousands of dollars on hundreds of hours of tutoring, she had made little or no progress. That all changed dramatically when she entered the Academic Associates Learning Center. She began to make progress almost immediately, and is now reading well above grade level.” — C.R.

These are just a few of the thousands of children who have benefited from the Academic Associates Reading Program™.

The Academic Associates Reading Program™ is taught in over 230 centers throughout the United States and 11 Internationally:

Israel, Egypt, Philippines, Malaysia, (Canada -5 centers), Nigeria, Mali.

The Academic Associates Reading Program™is truly hailed as “The World’s Most Effective Reading Instruction Methodology!

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